A Real Estate Investment Firm.

Highly Selective, Vertically Integrated

Wheelock Street Capital L.L.C. is a private real estate investment firm founded in 2008 by Merrick R. Kleeman and Jonathan H. Paul, two veteran real estate private equity investors, each with over 30 years of broad real estate transaction experience across all major asset classes and a desire to get back to hands-on investing.

Wheelock’s hybrid investment model has allowed us to create an enhanced strategy built around two overriding philosophies, which have differentiated our firm from mainstream opportunity funds – high selectivity and vertical integration.

Industry Leading Performance

10+ year track record of demonstrated and consistent outperformance over industry benchmarks.

$ 0 B+
Capital committed from well-known institutional investors
$ 0 B+
Equity invested in 160+ properties
$ 0 B+
Total asset value acquired
0 %
Equity invested in off-market transactions

Our Verticals

Wheelock’s verticals have established its expertise in these asset classes and are critical to driving high quality, off-market deal flow.

Case Studies

Wheelock has a long track record across asset classes of delivering on our principles of deeper investment knowledge, selectivity, hands-on management, and prioritizing capital preservation through maintaining our strong sell discipline.

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